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Event photo creation at its best.

Our technology enables users to create engaging imagery and share this experience via social media. Our platform provides a seamless user journey from creation of their GIFs to sharing this content with their friends using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. GIFGIF can also provide users with a printed memento to take away.


Benefit Brow - Influencer Event

All pink everything was the theme and the slick, custom built background with flattering strip lighting meant influencers couldn't wait to get involved and share their GIFs across social media.

GIFs Taken: 200+

Combined Reach: 29,000+


NikeFootballX - Launch Event

When GIFGIF helped Edwards Van Gils launch the NikeFootballX Campaign, we witnessed some seriously fancy footwork. Street Football superstars created GIFs of unbelievable ball skills that were shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, allowing as many of their fans as possible to see a slice of the action.


Who Says No To Mentos? - Campaign

This award winning campaign is a perfect example of how to make GIFGIF all yours. With a fully branded, eye catching booth, free Mentos and GIFs streaming live on the big screen, people simply couldn't say no!

GIFs Taken: 4000+

Combined Reach: 420,000+

Moet & Chandon

Moet and Chandon - Party/Launch

From an exclusive #MagicMillions launch event in Queensland to an all inclusive Moet Party Day in London. GIFGIF has helped people share that #MoetMoment in countries around the world.

GIFs Taken: 500+

Combined Reach: 220,000+


In-store Activation

This two week activation took place in Selfridges stores across the UK. Their GIFGIF Gallery was steamed in the shop window encouraging passers-by to come on in an enjoy some GIF action for themselves.

GIFs Taken: 3000+

Combined reach: 900,000+

Charlotte Tilbury

#WhoCouldYouBe - In-store Activation

After being made up in their chosen look, T he Rock Chick , The Bombshell , The Golden Goddess to name just a few, customers then created a GIF. The GIFs were displayed on screens in the window ensuring that visitors felt like stars.

GIFs Taken: 1200+

Combined reach: 130,000+


RedBull Culture Clash - Event

RedBull's Culture Clash event is billed as "the world's biggest musical battle." GIFGIF helped spread the word of this musical feat with fully branded booths and fun, sharable and trackable GIFs.

GIFs Taken: 1,300+

Combined reach: 125,000+


Grandin Road - Pop-up Store

US home decor giant Grandin Road awarded GIFGIF a 6 week contract within their pop-up Halloween store in Macys department store and people could not stop GIFing and sharing.

GIFs Taken: 4,400+

Combined Reach: 100,000,000+



GIFGIF has helped this world famous retail duo bring GIFs to the masses. From permanent in-store booths in London to late night parties in Amsterdam and Paris.

GIFs Taken: 2,000+

Combined reach: 21,000+








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